“Marlene helped us so much in learning how to care for Mandy and we so appreciate all of her hard work with us. Our friends and family have commented on how different she is from that skittish puppy of a few years ago.”

“My Boxer, Sophie, and I have been the “students” of more than one trainer! It was not until Marlene came along that both Sophie and I learned what real training is all about. Marlene’s instructions were clear, concise, incrementally appropriate, manageable, and ever so kind and respectful of the dog, her disposition and the most effective way to train her. She always provided written guidelines for the lesson just completed, which were especially helpful for follow-up between training sessions. Both my canine sidekick and I had ample opportunity to experience success, feel a sense of accomplishment and get to understand one another more fully. We were both given gifts; I am forever grateful to Marlene for giving these gifts to Sophie and me!”

“Marlene is so very professional and effective in what she does that it is my hope she trains other dog trainers. Her style of training fosters the bond between the dog and its master which can only breed success and joy for all!”

“I enjoyed the lessons and so did the dogs. They loved them and they especially loved it when Marlene came! I, personally, needed the structure that the one-on-one training lessons provide. I could have easily referred to the great notes that Marlene leaves with the owner when training my second dog, but I don’t think I would have gotten the results that personal training provides, so, I called Marlene back. I appreciate the fact we remain connected so if I have a future problem, I know I can call for help. Definitely worth it!!”

“We are extremely satisfied. Molly was generally aggressive, food aggressive, and uncontrollable around people. Marlene really understood Molly and our needs and could not have addressed them better. We are extremely satisfied, 100% improvement. We have a “new dog”.”

“Sandy showed aggression toward people. She has improved tremendously due to the training and is in general not aggressive. The training gave me confidence in the handling of my pet.”

“My son is a special needs child and after Marlene watched their interactions, she immediately realized what my son was doing that excited Topper and we were able to deal with things differently from then on. She worked with the children and my husband- she is so patient!  Clone Marlene!”

“Our baby wanted “up” every time Buster came into the room. Now they play together. Buster has calmed down dramatically. Marlene was wonderful. Everyone would be so happy to see her every week. If she hadn’t helped with Buster as much as she did, my husband wanted to give him up. She saved him!”

“We were very impressed with Marlene. She worked with every member of our family, is extremely knowledgeable, observant, effective, and a pleasure to work with.”

“I could not have asked for a better trainer. My dog was totally out of control and one step away from being returned to the shelter. Improvement is not the word-my dog now has completely changed. She is obedient and lovable. The trainer was perfect and you can’t improve perfection. I cannot stress how great Marlene is as a trainer. You have no idea what life was like then, and now it is a pleasure!!!”

“Our dog’s behavior improved DRAMATICALLY!”

“Marlene is extremely professional and educational particularly in dealing with our young children and their work with Molly. Molly was object possessive and aggressive. She is noticeably calmer and better behaved. She responds 99% of the time to “leave it” and drops items on command.”

“Satisfied doesn’t describe this program. Training with Marlene has improved the whole relationship between Maxine and the family. The cats have even started coming up to the common areas on their own because they can tell they are safer now. Marlene made the whole training experience very comfortable. I will always be thankful for her help.”

“Jetty has been welcomed to become more involved in family activities after his tremendous improvement. Marlene was wonderful. She really takes a vested improvement in the animals she trains. She tries to acclimate herself to the animal’s complete environment including ANYONE the animal comes into contact with, and works with as many of those people as possible.”

“Marlene was so incredible to work with. I feel like I now have a completely different relationship with my dog. He is so much happier and so am I. Each time we met with Marlene, we learned something new that helped us get to where we are today. She is smart, thoughtful and wonderful in her approach.  She really cares about her clients. A++!!!”

“Working with an amazing trainer yields amazing results! My dog Baylee is a rescue and definitely had some “issues” and “quirks”. Although I have had dogs my ENTIRE life, this became a challenge. Marlene was able to identify what needed to change (mostly with me) and walked us though it all. Baylee’s disposition has improved drastically and she obeys her commands 100% of the time now...Incredible! It’s a relief to know she’ll be there when I rescue my next puppy!”


Photo by Loretta Jacovina

All testimonials are from real live human clients!