Her methods of training span the scope of behavior modification, and she is always open to considering innovative and unconventional ways of getting a dog to complete any given desired request of its owner. She treats each dog and family as individual need systems, and therefore will make a specific protocol for each situation based on an evaluation. Her specialty and passion is the treatment of fearful dogs, fear-based aggression and the neutralization of emotional trauma in dogs.

"I'm a veteran dog trainer with an unusual amount of experience (I worked at the largest no-kill animal adoption agency in the world for close to a decade). I have extensively worked with "unadoptable", aggressive, fearful, and just plain naughty dogs in the shelter and in hundreds and hundreds of homes.  I love my job and am dedicated to helping people and animals feel freedom and safety. I am emotionally intuitive, empathic and find satisfaction in helping you and your dog understand each other better.  I am also excellent with kids of any age. Over the years I have simplified behavior modification to better suit families with children and all types of adults (everybody learns differently!).  Let’s get your life in order!”



Marlene is a native New Yorker who lives in north Brooklyn.  Certified through the Animal Behavior Center of New York, she has worked professionally with dogs and their owners since 1999.  She has been featured on the television show “Pet Talk”, has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and is working on her first dog training-based book.  She has worked tirelessly to open the lines of communication between dogs and their owners.   



MARLENE 1999-present

Owner/Certified Canine Behavior Therapist